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Why this is needed

Mental Agility Training is just as important to an athlete, as Sport Specific Training.  

Peripheral World – Social media and the internet are exposing athletes to a world of judgement, that didn’t exist a decade ago.  Any reduction in form, (physical or mental) can quickly lead to an erosion of confidence and become a bottleneck to productivity.

Professional teams understand the importance of proactive psychology practices, such as visualization. However, they lack the ability to address more challenging psychological hurdles that impact athletes every day.

Every professional sideline has dedicated fitness professionals and doctors to react to physical injuries.  Every professional team has fitness professionals and doctors to address proactive (Prehab) practices to help avoid those injuries. Very few teams offer Mental Prehab.

Unfortunately, there is still a stigma associated with Sport Psychology that should no longer exist.  We have determined that a focused effort and series of campaigns can not only change that stigma, but create a demand for Mental Agility training and coaching.

Mental Agility Training is equal to Sport Specific Training

Our Mission

We are focused on removing the stigma associated with performance psychology, so that athletes, coaches and club officials will embrace Mental Agility Training, as they do sport-specific training.

Mental Health Prehab, is just as important as Physical Prehab.

Mental Health Rehab, is just as important as Physical Rehab.

Areas of Focus

  • MA Zones – including Proximity and Peripheral.
  • Managing the Performance barometers (Anxiety & Excitement)
  • Psychological skills training for performance (e.g., relaxation, imagery, goal setting, cognitive restructuring, pre-competitive routines)
  • Behavioral issues (e.g., substance abuse, problem gambling, over training and under-recovery, coping with media pressure)
  • Mental health challenges (e.g., depression, anxiety, eating disorders, body dysmorphia)
  • Trauma (e.g., catastrophic career-ending injuries, physical and sexual abuse)
  • Identity and self-image (e.g., existential concerns, career transitions)
  • Relationship problems (e.g., athlete-coach, athlete-family, intra-team player relationships)

What we do for athletes

MA Audit

We assess the athletes individual needs, in order to identify the optimal coach match.

MA Match

Our Mental Agility Coaching / Sport Psychologist are matched to you!

MA Coaching

Once you are MAC-Matched with the ideal coach, the fun work begins.

MA Training

A Big Brand sponsored Mental Agility Training Methodology for all member athletes.

Work / Life

Proper balance, will determine if an athlete can find …and stay in the zone.

MA Pro-hab

Because life happens and humans need mental triage exercises and strength to persevere.

You should ask…

  • Before the game / competition – am I filled with anxiety, apprehension or anger?
  • During the game / competition – do I feel confident, composed and in control?
  • After the game / competition – do I feel regret, anger, fear, betrayal, jealousy?

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