Reach Management Group
RMG is the vehicle behind Mental Agility Training & Coaching. We are creating a Mental Agility training regimen that will be sponsored by a major brand in 2017.

The training methodology will be focused on creating awareness and advocacy of the importance of Mental Agility training in all sport.

The Mental Agility training practices will be enhanced by a core group of performance psychologists, who will supplement the core principals, with individual Mental Agility coaching for individual athletes (or teams) in the professional space.

Sport and performance psychologists are experts in helping athletes overcome problems that impede performance. Some teach strategies that help clients maximize their physical prowess; others work with clients to overcome anxiety or a traumatic experience, such as a ski fall, that is affecting their confidence.

Other clients might need help communicating with colleagues or teammates or accepting a coach’s critiques.

In all of these situations, tapping into the potential of human performance, is the key, so that individuals can hone resilience skills and perform at their best on a consistent basis.

The challenge for performance psychology mass participation and adoption, is the implied weakness/stigma associated with doing mental rehabilitation or therapy.

is going to change that perception, by re-branding the entire industry.