Mental Agility Coaching

Leading Performance Psychologists will be matched (MAC-Match) with athletes to perform coaching sessions in person, or online, (Skype, FaceTime) as their individual scheduling permits.

Performance Psychology

We provide assessment, diagnosis, and treatment of mental health issues for individuals athletes.

Coaching + performance psychology

We help you enhance well-being and performance at work (sport and business) and in life, through individual or small group sessions.

The Mental Agility Sports Assessment (MASA) is meant to be broad, and to quickly provide you with the big picture in sport psychology. It will help you see numerous peak performance possibilities so your thinking about the mental game is stimulated. This assessment is very simple and easy to complete, and should take you around 10 minutes.

Taking this assessment does not obligate you or us in any way to begin a coaching program, and taking the assessment does not guarantee entry to any coaching program with us. After seeing your assessment, and speaking with you, we will determine if there is a good fit, and if what you need is appropriate for this type of coaching.