Mental Prohab

The truth doesn’t hurt!
Injuries are a part of sport.  We all know this, we all accept this reality.
Mental injuries are also a part of life and sports.   We should all know this, we should all accept this reality.

thinking-mindBeing a Human Being
If you injure your ankle during training or competition, you will follow a specific protocol to asses the severity and begin the rehabilitation process to get you back in the game.  If you are injured…you have an assessment completed, define a plan of action and execute.  This process is logical and accepted at levels ranging from youth sports, to professional sports.

So what changes when you suffer a mental injury?  Well the first concern is that almost nobody will admit that the term even exists.  But the reality is, that you can and will sustain more mental injuries in your life, than you will physical injuries.  Actually, the metal injuries can be mutually exclusive, yet almost every physical injury, has some form of mental trauma attached to the injury.

Many athletes never mentally recover from their injuries, even though they have been cleared physically.  This can happen to the best athletes in the world, where their barrier to performance, is no longer in their physical limitations, but in their heads.

Every Athlete needs Mental Prohab