MAC (mental agility coaching) Match

Leading Performance Psychologists will be matched (MAC-Match) with athletes to perform coaching sessions in person, or online, (Skype, FaceTime) as their individual scheduling permits.

One on One Training Sessions

Why this works?

It’s simple…the mind is more complex than the body.   And secondarily, every single athlete is unique.

  • The body can expect to yield very predictable outcomes, to defined stimulus/practices.
  • The mind can expect to yield semi-predictable outcomes, to defined stimulus/practices.

Discovering what resonates, and why it resonates, with a specific individual, is a fusion of art and science.   Our performance psychologist and MA coaches, specialize in connecting with individuals on a level that simply rings true to the athlete.  Without that connection, the athletes are not truly empowered to adapt and overcome in real time.

Athletes absorb information differently  

  • Visual: Learning when aided by images, pictures, and spatial organization of elements. Some athletes only respond to live interaction.
  • Auditory: Learning well when aided by music, sound, rhyme, rhythm, speaking or listening. Some athletes connect perfectly through this type of training.
  • Reading/Writing: Learning well by reading or writing the material you want to learn. Some athletes can read a 100 page manual and absorb 90% of the content. Some of that same group may become distracted by live teaching, as it introduces other peripheral stimuli, that pulls them away from the primary objective.
  • Kinesthetic: Learning well when you can move your body, and/or use your hands and sense of touch.  Some people need a balance of coaching, that includes the physical elements of their sport, to ensure that a deeper comprehension of the MA tactics are realized.
  • And of course, others need things like humor, to allow them to drop  their “therapeutic force-field” and enjoy the process of working-out their brains.