The Difference

1. Think YouTube type interaction in an engaging, fair and neutral review format.

2. Layer in tools for companies to repair, challenge or respond to the reviews that can harm their brands.

3. Add groups of like-minded people connecting with reviews of the things they have in common, as the nucleus.

We don't need 10M Visitors a month to start securing subscription memberships. Our Video SEO tools will get our reviews ranked on the first page for over 30% of users in the USA, based on their monthly consumption of video content. If they consume videos, Google will display more of them, on the first page of search results.

Your Features

Feedback Freedom

Feedback from any device, no apps to install.

Cover Everything

Literally anything that could help someone.

Brand Protection

Because Brands need help in this new world.

Brand Repair

Seek & find a resolution with past customers.

Brand Enhancement

Reach new prospects, with new energy!

Channel Stars

Think You Tube interaction in a review format.

Push & Pull Advocacy

Find & leverage new Brand evangelists.


Connect with like-minded people in groups.

and more...

If a bad reviews comes in, companies can reach out with our Resolution Suite and attempt to resolve the conflict and request a new review.
If a resolution cannot be reached, companies have the opportunity to record a response, which is added the the end of the consumers review.
The FOTA public gets to watch both sides and choose whom they back or believe in this instance. They can then vote, which provides priceless information to a Brand on how their attempted resolutions are being perceived by the public.

Premium Features

For just $25.00 per month, companies can:

Protect their Brands - Enhance their Brands - Identify Brand Influencer's - Get real Feedback and much more. Look Here to see the Packages