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Greenhouse Rentals

Empowered DIY Cannabis Solutions

What is Greenhouse Rentals

The GR Model is designed to accommodate the needs of urban cultivators, providing a turnkey solution that removes the dangers and guesswork, providing expertise, supplies and infrastructure for home growers to be successful in this exciting and dynamic new market.

The Journey Begins

We launched our proof-of-concept model in Denver, with the worlds first facility for consumer cannabis cultivation.  We began that process with what we called MotherShips, which consisted of 24 connected wall units, that offered full turnkey solutions, or ala-carte options, for those experienced growers.

What We Discovered

  1. We pre-leased the Pods much faster than we could build them
  2. People were willing to pay more than we anticipated
  3. 95% of tenants wanted 2 stage (Veg & Flower) Pods
  4. People were highly enthusiastic about sharing their knowledge with other tenants
  5. People loved our classes that helped them learn new skills, or polish old ones
  6. Municipalities loved our free classes to help home growers, be safer, at home
  7. Property management groups loved an alternative to growing in their properties
  8. Home Insurance providers love it, as they don’t cover damages related to federally illegal activities
  9. People loved having an option to grow away from their homes
  10. We had soil, hydro and even Aquaponics growers in the pods.  One had a 50 gallon fish tank
  11. People loved the concept of being intimately connected (data, pics, video, sound) to their grows, from anywhere, at anytime
  12. Grow Pods in facilities, offer unique challenges, that were not expected
  13. The challenges were greater than anticipated, for a shared grow environment
  14. You cannot build a viable and safe solution, by offering tents, cabinets and storage rooms
  15. SOP’s usually mean everything to a business, but they mean even more in this space.
  16. Most strains don’t respond well to Ted Nugent being played in the Pod  🙂

What We Did With The Knowledge

We perfected everything!   We spent the next 2 years prototyping new Pods, polishing SOP’s (for everything) and creating a legislative path for a model that doesn’t really plug and play into current regulatory framework.     And now….we are staged and ready to go!


So what else does GR do?
Greenhouse Rentals empowers private citizens to cultivate, harvest and store any produce they are legally allowed to produce, in specialized facilities engineered for that purpose. The company provides clients an elegant, integrated solution – highly engineered pods designed to maximize yield and safety, goals that often conflict with urban home-grow situations.

Our clients avoid the hazards of home grows that are quickly becoming widely known and publicized. Our cultivation pods are modular and private, but enjoy the benefits of innovative integration and environmentally sound engineering. They’re also client-monitored, allowing clients to see their crops and materials at all times. Supplies are provided onsite through partnerships with some of the best cultivation support companies in the Canadian market to ensure effectiveness in a pesticide-free, controlled environment.

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You Deserve a Safe, Smart & Empowering Option

The realities of home growing inspired us to begin this pioneering effort. Why not provide a safe, smart and rewarding DIY option, for this new industry?

We have created something unique and empowering for all of the people wishing to participate in this NextGen Hobby