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R2G Home

Empowered DIY Cannabis Safety

The Greenhouse Rentals Home model is perfect for Property Owners who want to provide an intelligent 360 degree cannabis solution to their tenants.   Our Pods are designed to fit in a laundry room, bedroom, or a designated on-site location (like a dedicated floor) so that tenants in condos and apartments can experience this new hobby, while protecting their household from the risks and odors associated with cultivation, harvesting and storage of cannabis.


“In my opinion, the problems that we found aren’t marijuana problems,” Dr. Martyny said. They are having a greenhouse in your house problems.”

Citizens are becoming increasingly familiar with the risks associated with growing at home, or in any indoor environment. Because many plant-centric accommodations need to be made in a household, to ensure a successful harvest of cannabis. The balance of human health and plant health, begins to change.
The concern is without the required expertise, most of those residential growers are introducing health risks to the occupants in the home, or neighboring homes, while making the needed plant-based environmental changes.

The problems are introduced by attempting to create a greenhouse inside a home. The hazards include obvious challenges such as fires or increased crime potential, to much less apparent long-term health problems, like asthma and respiratory illness.

Greenhouse Rentals has created an ideal environment to remove the risks from homes and communities. A pure extension of a citizens home and their right to grow, is preserved and controlled, in one smart solution.

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You Deserve a Safe, Smart & Empowering Option

The realities of home growing inspired us to begin this pioneering effort. Why not provide a safe, smart and rewarding DIY option, for this new industry?

We have created something unique and empowering for all of the people wishing to participate in this NextGen Hobby