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Simple. Safe. Super Fun!
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Produce A+ quality 100% pesticide and chemical free cannabis for $3.00 to $4.00 a gram, based on the strain and growing choices.

Choose Home or Facility Grow

All based on your personal situation and goals. We can custom fit solutions for your home, or you can leverage plug-and-play Pods.

Design a custom plan

The fun starts here! Now we get to sit down and customize a plan based on YOU!

Setup and Connect!

Once we stage the right solution for you, we get you connected and growing form your home or our facility.

Auto-pilot or Micro manage

By using our connected technology, you can minimize the manual input required by up to 75%.

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You Deserve a Safe, Smart & Empowering Option

The realities of home growing inspired us to begin this pioneering effort. Why not provide a safe, smart and rewarding DIY option, for this new industry?