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A truly data-driven grow

About Braingrid:
Braingrid provides an affordable, versatile and quick-to-install sensor platform that captures the critical real-time data needed by cannabis growers to increase revenues, reduce costs and reduce risks.

Braingrid Corporation (“Braingrid”) is pleased to announce it has entered into a Strategic Alliance Agreement with Greenhouse Rentals, LLC (“Greenhouse Rentals”) a global company that empowers urban cultivators with a state-of-the-art turnkey pod solution that helps eliminate the danger and guesswork associated with cultivating cannabis at home including rental apartments and condominiums.


The strategic three-year agreement enables Braingrid to exclusively provide its sensing and control capabilities for the GR pod worldwide. Greenhouse Rentals intends to meet the needs of 1% of the cannabis consumer market by offering what they call “Empowered DIY (do-it-yourself) Cannabis Solutions”.  Braingrid is leveraging their experience gained with large commercial cannabis growers to support Greenhouse Rentals community grow model.

“We are excited about our partnership with Braingrid,” said Richard Lamb, Chairman of Greenhouse Rentals. “The Pods, coupled with Braingrid’s technology, empowers cultivators to grow, harvest and store their produce on-site, or remotely, via the secure app. Consumers can choose a turnkey autopilot approach,  or control the process on a more intimate level. Our partnership with Braingrid will provide our customers with the flexibility to have granular level control if they want it!”

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BlackDog LED

The center of the cannabis solar system


Since 2010, Black Dog LED® has focused on providing the best possible lights for growing plants. By combining our proprietary Phyto-Genesis Spectrum® with the most-efficient LEDs available in a patented fixture design, we are able to deliver award-winning, record-setting yields and quality. Black Dog LED’s PhytoMAX-2 series of lights allow R2G customers to grow the highest-quality Cannabis possible, while still being friendly to the environment through reduced energy consumption and cooling requirements. The Phyto-Genesis Spectrum is unique in the LED grow light industry by including UV light, growing the highest-quality flowers while also maximizing yield through better canopy penetration. By extending the spectrum beyond basic white light and incorporating UV, our lights deliver stronger, more resilient and forgiving plants, like those grown directly under the sun.

The PhytoMAX-2® series lights with the Phyto-Genesis Spectrum® are designed and built in the USA with commercial quality standards and are available in 5 different sizes with the largest light, the PhytoMAX-2 1000, being the most powerful grow light available today in terms of light output.

All these factors come together to provide the best possible lighting solution for controlled indoor growing environments. This has been proven repeatedly, with record setting yields of over 3.5 pounds from a single harvest being common when using the PhytoMAX-2 series. At the end of 2017 a commercial grower used a PhytoMAX-2 1000 to win the coveted professional Grow Off competition in Southern California, bringing down 3.72 pounds with a single light and a single plant to take first place for yield and third place for potency- proving that Black Dog LED lights can help you deliver maximum yields while still delivering the top-shelf quality R2G customers want for their own flower.

R2G’s commitment to a quality grow environment does not stop with facility design, it extends throughout the equipment selection process. Black Dog LED is dedicated to this same level of excellence and providing the optimal growing environment from the minute you walk into the facility all the way through harvest!

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